Wifi system

A wifi router. A system formed by a hub and smaller satellites that amplify the signal. The utter visual simplicity of these monoliths is the result of overcoming many technical challenges, in an effort that spanned over two years. Our intent? To elevate the form and function of what came before, the default router offered by an internet provider.

Each device is a vertical column that allows the flow of air inside, dissipating the inner heat. The column is slightly tilted, with its front raised, forming a gap between itself and the surface it rests on. Through this gap the air enters the device. The stream formed within exits through the top, creating a current that cools down the components inside. 

BQ Engineering
(now techsociety)



The rear view spares the usual traits seen on the routers given for free by internet providers. They tend to have visible screws, evident weld lines, prominent ventilation grids and overlapping labels. It took a collaboration effort across teams, and both companies, to declutter this view. We refined and simplified until were allowed no more. Until it was stripped of everything deemed nonessential.

Design nanagement

Eduard Villar

Industrual design
Julen Pejenaute
Alejandro Plasencia

Packaging design
Sara Novo

Selected Works

Selected Works