Phone X2

The curved glass settles gently on top of a machined aluminum frame. This silver surface is not merely a mirror. It bears a grainy haze achieved with a silk printed layer of aluminum foil. Like a bright Claude glass of sorts, it subtly gradates the light it reflects.

The shape follows the zeitgeist of the time. The thinner, the better. Or at least the appearance of it. Some details bring subtle joy. The flash, for example, lies below the continuous glass. Although it is visible and functional, it is completely imperceptible to the touch. You feel the gratifying smoothness of a seamless surface when you run your finger over it.

BQ Engineering
(now techsociety)



Design management
Víctor Hugo de Pablo
Eduard Villar

Industrial design
Julen Pejenaute
Alejandro Plasencia

Packaging design
Sara Novo

Alejandro Plasencia

Selected Works

Selected Works