Phone C

The basic phone. With just the very essential. Sized to be used with one hand only; it just feels right, even with a case on. It features the simplest of housing solutions: two polycarbonate parts. One covering the rear and a frame that softly wraps around the display.

It’s all plastic. A honest design with contrasting finishes, by virtue of the different oil coatings. Glossy, deep, and specular surfaces meet rough textures. Black is not so—it is dark blue with a tad of green. Its opposite, the silver version, reflects light with a subtle iridescence. The silicone case comes in the most vibrant of reds, in all its matte ruggedness. Each element breathes with is-ness, in its full istigkeit.

BQ Engineering


Design management
Víctor Hugo de Pablo
Eduard Villar

Industrial design
Julen Pejenaute
Alejandro Plasencia

Packaging design
Sara Novo

Alejandro Plasencia