Maker kit

A robotics kit for schools. It allows kids to build their ideas using real electronics. Our aim was to reach centers working with tight budgets. They needed a rugged maker kit, a system made to last. Previous solutions featured proprietary technology and flimsy parts with costly replacements. We created a building system with components replaceable at any hardware store.

The central hub connects to different peripherals with standard telephone plugs. All these modules are housed inside cloudy polycarbonate cases, which protect yet subtly reveal the electronics inside. Each case comes with replaceable velcro tape, so kids can assemble prototypes easily.

BQ Engineering
(now techsociety)



Design management
Víctor Hugo de Pablo
Eduard Villar

Industrial design
Julen Pejenaute
Alejandro Plasencia

Packaging design
Sara Novo

Alejandro Plasencia

Selected Works

Selected Works